Contruction companies

Who are we and what services do we offer?

Peak UK onsite services limited provides a beneficial outcome for offsite and onsite contruction companies working together. Capture – Using our 360° imagery, we capture your business in a new and effective way. View – Construction progress can be viewed remotely, saving the necessity, time, and cost of visiting the site on a frequent basis as well as improving communication clarity between businesses. Control – Throughout the project, our assistance will build a virtual jobsite using a single platform to examine recorded data, which can subsequently be accessed remotely by all necessary stakeholders of the business. Using the newest 360° imaging technology and software, our precise progress reporting creates a clear image of the development phases of projects step by step. Our team not only has important knowledge in the offsite and volumetrics industries, but also has over 30 years of experience in traditional building projects, ensuring that our 360° picture capturing and software services can be used efficiently on both traditional and modular projects. All data is saved on the HoloBuilder web-based platform, with which we collaborate. HoloBuilder is created with end-to-end encryption and the most advanced security services available. Their seven-tier user management hierarchy enables enterprise admins to grant data access only to those who have a “need to know” for it while being secure and compliant. HoloBuilder was created with security and compliance in mind. They follow the strictest data security and privacy standards, and they examine data security and privacy practices on a regular basis to ensure that they are in compliance with current requirements. All data will be saved in a safe, offline file at the end of the project for future reference. This data can be incorporated into the handover paperwork as a dynamic component. We are your go-to experts in the UK and we are equipped to manage any situation. Get in contact with us right now for a free estimate: REQUEST A CALL BACK Follow us on social media to stay up to speed on our most recent projects: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter.

Who is London’s biggest contruction company?

Balfour Beatty public limited company and Kier Group public limited company are the two biggest construction and building companies in London. Balfour Beatty plc – Balfour Beatty is a major global infrastructure company who fund, create, construct, and maintain the critical infrastructure on which we all rely. Kier Group plc – Kier Group plc is a British construction, services, and real estate company that specialises in building and civil engineering, as well as support services and the Private Finance Initiative. It began as a concrete engineering firm in Stoke-on-Trent in 1928 before expanding into general contracting and house construction.

What are the top 10 construction companies in the UK?

As of accounting year ending 2020, the top 10 construction companies in the UK are the following: Balfour Beatty Kier Group Interserve Morgan Sindall Galliford Try Amey ISG Keller Group Tarmac Trading Laing O’Rourke

Who is the biggest construction company in the world?

China Communications Construction Group ltd. China Communications Construction Group ltd is the world’s most profitable construction company. The infrastructure and related assets are the primary focus of this publicly traded firm. China Communications Construction also undertakes dredging and heavy machinery manufacture in addition to infrastructure design, development, and construction. In addition to directly managing building and construction projects in China, the China Communications Construction Group is also a global investor in infrastructure projects.

What is the most popular construction company?

Bechtel – Bechtel Company is an American engineering, procurement, construction, and project management company. It is the United States’ largest construction company. For good cause, Bechtel has risen to the top of numerous published rankings of the best construction firms. Over 25,000 construction and civil engineering projects have been completed by the organization around the world, including notable projects like the Hoover Dam and the Channel Tunnel. Tellurian’s $275 billion Driftwood LNG export plant is another project they’ve worked on. Bechtel employs 55,000 employees in approximately 50 countries, although its headquarters are in San Francisco, California.