Building Management Systems

When it comes to construction building management systems, Peak UK provides a positive solution to the collaboration between the offsite and onsite construction teams.

Our team not only has key knowledge in the offsite and volumetrics industries but also has over 30 years of experience in traditional building projects, ensuring that our 360° image capturing and software services can be used efficiently on both traditional and modular projects.

About Construction Automation or Building Automation Systems 

A construction building management system, also known as a building automation system or construction project management software, is a computer-based control system that monitors and regulates the entire construction process of a building site. This allows everyone involved to have a clear picture of each step of the construction phase while utilizing the latest 360° imaging consulting technology and software.

Property builders, contractors, and subcontractors benefit from construction management software. Document management, budget and bid management, accounting, workflow automation, and resource management are all included in construction management systems.

Construction site builders, engineers, and architects can use these tools to communicate project progress, track expenditures and expenses, schedule resources, and track project deadlines. Construction Building Management Systems are also sometimes known as Contractor Software.

The Benefits of Good Construction Building Management Systems

Real-Time Visibility of the Project Life Cycle 

Construction management systems provide all stakeholders, from field workers to CEOs, with a single point of view. These technologies make it easier to track project costs, address key issues as they arise, and prevent job delays caused by unforeseen errors when compared to manual techniques.

Good construction building management systems allow you to work in sync with the system to maintain task control while also boosting accountability and transparency between all parties involved by actively monitoring progress.

Improved Work Allocation

Managers may assign projects and duties to workers with a few clicks using construction building management systems. This reduces the risk of confusion by letting everyone know their daily chores ahead of time. When a plan goes off-track or a task isn’t finished by the deadline, managers are notified via the system.

Time and Travel Cost Savings

Our support can benefit everyone involved in the construction process, from the subcontractors to the primary clients and financiers. Progress can be viewed remotely, minimizing the need, time, and cost of travelling to the job site on a frequent basis while also improving communication clarity.

Peak UK Construction Management System – Cloud Data Control

When it comes to securing your building data in the cloud, Peak UK takes security seriously. We work in collaboration with HoloBuilder to ensure optimum cloud data security for your building data throughout the project life cycle. This includes storing data even after project completion. 

All data is saved on the HoloBuilder web-based platform, with which we collaborate. HoloBuilder was created with security and compliance in mind. It features end-to-end encryption and the most advanced security features available. They follow the strictest security and privacy standards to secure data, and they assess data security and privacy practices on a regular basis to ensure compliance with current regulations. Their seven-tier user management hierarchy enables Enterprise Admins to grant data access only to those who have a “need to know,” while remaining secure and compliant.

Once a project has been completed, all data will be saved in a safe, offline file for future reference. This data can be incorporated into the handover paperwork as a dynamic component.

Construction BMS Considerations

Construction management software is essential for efficient and cost-effective project execution, allowing for overall construction firm management and simultaneous execution of numerous projects without process overlaps or unnecessary delays. That said,  there are a few things to think about when you compile your construction management software shortlist.

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